Geocon's Republic precinct fast-tracked to be finished in just over three years Geocon最新的建案將要在三年內完工!

Geocon's $1 billion mixed-use Republic precinct has been accelerated to be built in just over three years.


The development was originally slated to be built over 10 years, but on Tuesday, Geocon announced a financing deal with international investment bank Goldman Sachs.

原本此項開發案是預估要建蓋10年,不過在週二Geocon公布了跟國際投資銀行Goldman Sachs的財務合作計畫

Geocon said the move was due to "unprecedented" demand for apartments in the capital.



Construction of the precinct's Republic, Dusk and High Society buildings will be run concurrently, in what Geocon said will be record time with the first 1000 apartments, public car park, a hotel, office spaces and restaurants built at the same time.

Dusk以及High Society將會同時建造,Geocon表示這項綜合型項目將會創造紀錄!1000套公寓、公共停車場、辦公空間以及餐廳將會同時興建!

The precinct was designed by Fender Katsalidis, the architects behind the NewActon precinct.

這項建案是由Fender Katsalidis所設計的,建築師是與建案NewActon是相同的

Geocon's managing director Nick Georgalis said the company had taken the "unprecedented step" of delivering the first buildings in one go, rather than in stages.

Geocon的董事Nick Georgalis表示公司將要邁向這個先例,一次建蓋這座綜合型項目,而不分期建蓋

"We will deliver more than half a billion dollars' worth of stock to help a rental market which has reached crisis point," Mr Georgalis said.

Mr Georgalis表示“我們會提供價值超過5億元的的租屋存量去幫助坎培拉已經達到無屋可租的租屋市場”

He said high rental costs and Canberra's low vacancy rates left the developers no choice but to fast-track the project and release more stock to a "starved market".


Geocon says it has a 50 per cent share of Canberra's apartment market.

Geocon表示,High Society將會佔據租屋市場的一半

"Republic stage one was 70 per cent sold out before a shovel was in the ground," he said.


"Stage two, High Society, hasn't even been launched yet but we've been inundated with inquiries, with more than 1000 registrations of interest."

第二期的High Society都還沒開始開賣,就已經有許多諮詢,到現在已經超過1000個登記!

High Society will be two, 27-storey buildings, making it the tallest in Canberra.  The towers alone were estimated to cost $300 million and have 541 apartments, a 135-room Abode Hotel and retail and commercial space.

High Society會有兩棟,皆是27樓層,為坎培拉目前的最高樓。這兩棟樓預估會花費3億澳幣,將會擁有541套公寓、135間Abode旅館房間還有零售商業空間

He said Canberra was undergoing a "remarkable" transformation, with $234 million in urban renewal spending, a new light rail system and a population to increase by six per cent by 2020.

"Coupled with the highest wages in Australia, its lowest unemployment rates, and a new international airport opening up gateways to Asia and beyond, Canberra presents the best opportunity for investors in the country."



資料來源:The Age